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A metal shim is a thin, wedge-shaped piece of material that is used to fill gaps between objects. Shims are frequently used to provide support, adjust for a better fit, or form a level surface. They are also used to adjust clearances, valve spring pressure, and fit. Copper Shims can also be used as spacers to close gaps between worn-out parts. This layer of copper allows for better cooling of the components. These Copper Shims are extremely ductile and malleable. They have the best corrosion resistance and the highest level of electrical conductivity.

Along with these Copper Shims we also manufacture Brass Shims.

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Copper Shims have a very high thermal conductivity that is between silver and gold. Copper is a great metal for shims since it is a ductile metal that can be shaped easily. Among other things, they contribute to a strong seal and reduce erosion rates. For instance, a shim can be placed between two connected parts to absorb wear and tear if the parts are prone to wear and tear.

Copper Alloy Shims can be used for various applications, including electronics, biomedical applications, and household products. It is also a good conductor of heat. The electronics, transportation, building, and power-generating sectors use copper shims the most often. They fill in small gaps between components. By absorbing all impact and abrasion, they enable a machine to continue to move or friction.

Various destructive and non-destructive tests are performed to check the efficiency and durability of these Copper Shims.

Are Copper Shims suitable for high-temperature applications?

Copper Alloy Shims are suitable for high-temperature applications. Copper has a relatively low melting point compared to other metals but has good heat resistance & can withstand temperatures up to around 1000°F (538°C) without losing its strength or shape.

How are Copper Shims used?

Copper Polished Shims are used in a variety of industrial & mechanical applications. They are often used to align and level machine parts, seal gaps between surfaces, & provide a tight, secure fit between parts that need to be joined together. They are also used in electronic applications as heat sinks, to dissipate heat away from sensitive components.

What are the benefits of using Copper Shims?

Copper Alloy CR Shims provide a number of benefits, including High thermal conductivity, which helps to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently, Good electrical conductivity, Low coefficient of thermal expansion, High corrosion resistance, and easily shaped & bent to fit irregular surfaces.

Specification of Copper Shims

Specifications : ASTM B152, ASME SB152
Thickness Shims : 0.05 to 0.40 mm
Thickness Hot Rolled Shims : 0.02 mm, 0.02mm to 1.00 mm
Thickness Shims Coils : 0.21mm to 5mm
Material Grade : C10200,C10300,C10800,C11400,C11600,C14200,C14420 C12000,C12200
Surface : 2B, 2D, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror, embossed, hair line, sandblast, Brush, etching.
Finish : Hot Rolled (HR), Cold Rolled (CR), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated), Galvanized etc.
Copper  Shim Manufacturer

Copper Shim Manufacturer / Supplier in Mumbai, India

Available Types of Copper Shims

Copper Shims Sheets

Copper Shims Sheets

ASTM B152 Copper Shims Sheets, Copper C10200 Shims Sheets Supplier, Copper C10300 Hot Rolled Shims Sheets Exporter, Copper C10800 Cold Rolled Shim Sheets Stockist, Copper C11400 HR Shim Sheets, ASME SB152 Copper C11600 CR Shims Sheets in Mumbai India.
Copper Hot Rolled Shims

Copper Hot Rolled Shims

ASTM B152 Copper C14200 Hot Rolled Shims, Copper C14420 Hot Rolled Shims Supplier, Copper C12000 HR Shims Exporter, Copper C12200 Hot Rolled Shims Stockist, Copper C10200 HR Shims, ASME SB152 Copper C10300 Hot Rolled Shims in Mumbai India.
Copper Cold Rolled Shims

Copper Cold Rolled Shims

ASTM B152 Copper C10800 Cold Rolled Shims, Copper C11400 Cold Rolled Shims Supplier, Copper C11600 HR Shims Exporter, Copper C14200 Cold Rolled Shims Stockist, Copper C14420 HR Shims, ASME SB152 Copper C12000 Cold Rolled Shims in Mumbai India.

Copper Shims Equivalent Grades

Grade C10200 C10300 C10800 C11400 C11600 C14200 C14420 C12000 C12200

Other Types of Copper Shims

Copper C10200 BA Finish Shims Manufacturer Copper C10300 CR Shims
Copper C10800 HR Shims Dealer C11400 Copper Shim Shims Supplier in India
Copper C11600 Galvanized Shims ASTM B152 Copper C14200 2B Finish Shims
C14420 Copper NO.1 Mirror Finish Shims Stockist Copper C12000 Shims Manufacturer in India
ASME SB152 C12200 Copper 2D Finish Shims C10200 Copper High Quality Shims Dealer in India
Copper C10300 Shims Supplier in India Copper C10800 BA Finish Shims
Copper C11400 Shim Coils Austenitic Copper C11600 Shims

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