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The composition of aluminum alloy bars frequently contains manganese, copper, magnesium, silicon, zinc, and tin. Aluminum Round Bars have outstanding corrosion resistance in phosphoric acid, nitric acid, chlorides, and sulphuric acid-containing chemical environments. Aluminum Square Bars maintain their shape even when exposed to liquid nitrogen, which is very appreciable and in high demand commercially. These are used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and construction.

We offer various kinds of round bars available SMO 254 Round Bars, Alloy Steel Round Bars, 17-4 PH Round Bars, etc.

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The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum bars makes them great for structural applications. Aluminum Flat Bar is also highly pliable and has excellent heat conductivity. Magnesium and chromium are added to the composition of the Aluminum Hex Bar to make it stronger. The minimum tensile strength of the material is up to 290MPa. These bars can also perform at high temperatures since the material has a melting point of 607 degrees Celsius.

Aluminum Hollow Round Bars also offer good weldability, bending, and machining. These bars are fabricated using heat-treated aluminum alloys. The Aluminum Cold Rolled Round Bars can be shaped using various methods, including turning, milling, and drilling. These bars are lightweight, have high resistance to corrosion, and are highly versatile. Its high resistance to corrosion makes aluminum an excellent choice for outdoor applications. Aluminum Steel Round Bars are generally used in manufacturing components for machines. They are also commonly used in aviation, shop fittings, transportation, etc.

Specification of Aluminium Round Bars

Specifications : ASTM B221, ASME SB221
Dimensions : EN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI
Round Bar Size : 3mm~ 800mm
Square Bar Size : 4mm* 4mm ~100mm* 100mm
Flat Bar Size : 2mm ~ 100mm
Hex Bar Size : 2mm ~ 100mm
Thickness : 50 mm to 6000 mm Long
Length : 1 To 6 Meters, Custom Cut Length
Aluminium Round Bar Manufacturer

Aluminium Round Bar Manufacturer / Supplier in Mumbai, India

Available Types of Aluminium Round Bars

Aluminium Round Bars

Round Bar

ASTM B221 Aluminium 6082 Round Bars, Aluminium Round 6061 Bars Supplier, Aluminium Alloy 6063 Round Bars Exporter, Aluminium 6083 Cold Rolled Round Bar Stockist, Aluminium Hot Rolled Round Bar, ASME SB221 Aluminium Alloy 7050 Round Bars in Mumbai India.
Aluminium Alloy Square Bars

Square Bar

ASTM B221 Aluminium Alloy 1100 Square Bars, Aluminium 7075 Square Bars Supplier, Aluminium 2014 Square Bars Exporter, Aluminium Alloy 2017 Cold Rolled Square Bar Stockist, Aluminium 2024 Hot Rolled Square Bar, ASME SB221 Aluminium Aluminium Square Bars in Mumbai India.
Aluminium Hex Bars

Hex Bar

ASTM B221 Aluminium 3003 Hex Bars, Aluminium 5052 Hex Bars Supplier, Aluminium Alloy 5082 Hex Bars Exporter, Aluminium 5083 Cold Rolled Hex Bar Stockist, Aluminium 5086 Hot Rolled Hex Bar, ASME SB221 Aluminium Alloy 5754 Hex Bars in Mumbai India.
Aluminium Alloy Flat Bars

Flat Bar

ASTM B221 Aluminium 6061 Flat Bars, Aluminium 6063 Flat Bars Supplier, Aluminium 7050 Flat Bars Exporter, Aluminium Alloy 6082 Cold Rolled Flat Bar Stockist, Aluminium 7075 Hot Rolled Flat Bar, ASME SB221 Aluminium Alloy 1100 Flat Bars in Mumbai India.
Aluminium Forged Bars

Forged Rod

ASTM B221 Aluminium Alloy 2014 Forged Bars, Aluminium 2017 Forged Bars Supplier, Aluminium 6083 Forged Rods Exporter, Aluminium Alloy 2024 Cold Rolled Forged Rod Stockist, Aluminium 3003 Hot Rolled Forged Bar, ASME SB221 Aluminium 5052 Forged Bars in Mumbai India.
Aluminium Bright Bars

Bright Bar

ASTM B221 Aluminium 5082 Bright Bars, Aluminium 5083 Bright Bars Supplier, Aluminium Alloy 5086 Bright Bars Exporter, Aluminium Cold Rolled Bright Bar Stockist, Aluminium 5754 Hot Rolled Bright Bar, ASME SB221 Aluminium Alloy Bright Bars in Mumbai India.

Other Types of Aluminium Round Bars

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